Delaware Limited Liability Company/Delaware LLC

Delaware Limited Liability Company/Delaware LLC

PRIMERA, INC. provides incorporation services involving Wyoming corporations and Wyoming LLC’s. We use in-house and independent providers to meet the needs of our clients.

Our solutions are exclusively domestic and we encourage tax compliance at all times.

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Delaware LLC

  • Delaware LLC is for big business. The Chancery Court is best for those businesses that are publicly held. Big business.
  • Delaware Series LLC. Delaware offers the series LLC where you can have an LLC within an LLC. This is an unproven structure. Most attorneys don’t know how to use it. Those who know charge $350 per hour or more.
    Delaware Series LLC’s are complicated and costly to maintain.

  • Delaware copied from the Wyoming LLC Act.
  • Delaware sells more LLC’s because they have more incorporators in that state. Delaware is best for large companies where the stock is traded on an exchange.
  • Delaware LLC offers charging order protection.

Wyoming LLC

  • Wyoming is for small business. Small and privately controlled companies are best served by a Wyoming LLC. Small business.

  • Series LLC not offered in Wyoming. The Wyoming LLC filing fees, and lack of a franchise tax, allow for several LLC’s to be formed and operated when needed. Low cost, manageability, flexibility, and the focus on small; business make it a good choice. Easy to understand.
  • WYOMING invented the American LLC in 1977, as it was modeled after the 1892 German company law known as Gesellschaft mit beschrnkter Haftung (GmbH). Nevada and Delaware copied Wyoming’s LLC and profited from it most through better marketing.

  • Wyoming only has about 500,000 in their population and with a handful of incorporators. The state is low key and the residents have a great respect for property rights.
  • Wyoming LLC offers charging order protection.


Delaware LLC

  • Delaware filing state fee for the LLC is $90.
  • Delaware franchise tax is $200. Don’t forget the Franchise Tax for Delaware LLC’s.
  • Registered Agent Service $50 or more.
  • Most compan ies provide a generic operating agreement, resolutions, etc.
  • Total Delaware Llc $440

Wyoming LLC

  • Wyoming state filing fee for the LLC is $100.
  • Wyoming has no franchise tax.
  • Registered Agent Service $75, included with a new company.
  • Our operation agreement and resolutions are geared for charging order protection, protecting the corporate veil, and limited liability.
  • Total Wyoming Llc $400

Annual Renewal, State Fees

Delaware LLC State Fees

  • Annual Franchise Tax $200 ($100 fee is paid late)
  • Annual filing $0

Wyoming LLC State Fees

  • No Franchise Tax
  • Annual report with WY state $50

Why A Delaware LLC?

Form a Delaware LLC if you intend to go public with an initial offering. Large companies are best served by Delaware because of their Chancery Court.

On the contrary, a Wyoming LLC is the best option for the small and family run business considering a limited liability company as their entity of choice.

In 1977, Wyoming was the first state to pass a Limited Liability Act. This was the first time the Limited Liability Company (LLC) was introduced to American business. Once the IRS recognized the LLC can be taxed as a partnership (that is, as a pass-through entity), all 50 states passed statutes creating their own version of the LLC.

How Delaware LLC’s/wyoming LLC’s Work

A Delaware LLC or Wyoming LLC properly arranged for the charging order protection is uncommon. Most people have a false sense of security about their LLC because of misuse. We are going to start at the beginning. The charging order protection with a Delaware LLC or Wyoming LLC is comparable. But the Wyoming LLC will cost less because of the difference in filing fees. Let’s start at the beginning…


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