Don’t Order A Delaware Llc! Wyoming Is The Best Option For Small Business

Wyoming Corporation or Wyoming LLC $400

Articles of Incorporation & Certificate of Good Standing, Wyoming Registered Agent fee waived first year.

Asset Protection Operating Agreement $200

Possess an operating agreement, for an LLC, that offers the utmost asset protection and charging order protection.

Add A Professional Manager & Corporate Presence In Wyoming $450

The manager keeps you off public record, helps you apply for the EIN and signs documents for the corporation throughout the year. When you’re facing a lawsuit or other hostile creditor threat as a member of the LLC, the manager restricts the distributions and triggers the phantom income on behalf of the hostile creditor. The creditor must then pay taxes on distributions not yet received. This places you in a better position to negotiate a favorable settlement.

Includes mail forwarding from the LLC manager’s business address, a validating phone number and fax number, to assert that’s the LLC is really based out of Wyoming.