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Delaware Series LLC: Better Than Using Multiple LLC’s?

Delaware has created an innovative solution to those with many assets and those who seek to keep it under one umbrella: The Delaware Series LLC.

On the surface, it makes to use a Delaware Series LLC for the following reasons:

Delaware Series LLC Advantage #1. Multiple partners have an interest in many different types and parcels of property.

Delaware Series LLC Advantage #2. There appears to be a multiple layer effect using the series LLC.

Delaware Series LLC Advantage #3. Those who promote the Delaware Series LLC mention that it costs less to form one entity than to form multiple LLC’s.

However, The Following Challenges Are Important:

Delaware Series LLC Problem #1. Many attorneys are NOT familiar with the Delaware Series LLC and those who are knowledgeable–charge an arm and a leg. This leaves you more “in the hole” on the legal fees although you saved a few hundred dollars in incorporation expenses.

Delaware Series LLC Problem #2. The Delaware Series LLC is unproven in its capacity to protect using a multi-layer approach. Many attorneys simply don’t like the Delaware Series LLC because they are uncertain of the advantages, the potential problems and the protection is unproven.

Delaware Series LLC Problem #3. Considering the cost of the Wyoming LLC, you’re better off with several Wyoming LLC’s rather than risk using one Delaware Series LLC.